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July 10, 2021

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July 15, 2021

Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to

Circuit principle
Analog electronic technology
Digital electronic technology
Signals and systems
Automatic control
Motor and drag
Power electronics technology
Electric drag automatic control system
Electrical control technology and PLC application
Microcomputer control technology
Power supply technology
Thermal power engineering and control
Energy and environmental engineering
New energy development and research
Automotive engineering
Ship power
Fluid machinery and its automatic control
Refrigeration cryogenic engineering
Thermal power engineering
Water conservancy and hydropower engineering
Power engineering and engineering thermophysics
Mechanical engineering
Fluid mechanics
Engineering mechanics
Electrical and electronics
Engineering thermodynamics
Heat transfer
Control theory
Testing technology
Metal technology
Electrical engineering
Heat transfer
Computer principle and application
Automatic control principle
Thermal energy and power testing technology
Boiler principle
Steam turbine principle
Combustion pollution and the environment
Power machinery design
Thermal power plant
Thermal automation
Numerical calculation of heat and mass transfer
Heat engine emissions and environmental engineering
Electronic control of internal combustion engine
Heat engine heat transfer and heat load
Artificial environment automation
HVAC system
Cryogenic technology
Thermal process automation
Fluid mechanical system simulation and control
Axial flow, centrifugal compressors and various positive displacement compressors
Turbine installation, maintenance and operation
Hydraulic unit auxiliary equipment
Turbine regulation
Modern control theory
Power plant automation
Electrical engineering
Power plant electrical equipment
Relay protection
Hydropower plant computer monitoring
Modern test technology of hydropower plants

Other related topics...
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