Conference Chairs
Professor H.B.Zhang of Chongqing University
Professor C.M.Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Technical Committee
Professor R.H.Li Tsinghua University 
Professor H.G.Chen of Harbin Institute of Technology
Professor H.T.Hu of Tianjin University
Professor X.Z.Luo, Southwest Jiaotong University
Professor L.F.Wu , Shanghai Jiaotong University
Professor Z.X.Deng of Hunan University
Professor L.F.Wang of Wuhan University
Professor H.B.Zhao of Southeast University 
Professor Q.N.Yu of Shandong University
Professor W.G.Huang of South China University of Technology
Professor S.M.He of Sichuan University
Professor F.F.he, Nanjing Aerospace University
Professor F.X.Zhou, Hefei University of Technology
Professor C.X.Shi, Beijing Jiaotong University
Professor H.M.Chen, Shenyang University of Technology
Professor L.B.Feng of Harbin University of Science and Technology
Professor Y.B.Ge of Northeast Electric Power University
Professor C.D.Hao of Xi'an University of Technology
Professor J.H.Gu of Changsha University of Science and Technology
Professor Q.H.Liu of East China Jiaotong University
Professor C.B.Hu of Three Gorges University
Professor J.J.Han of Nanchang University
Professor G.H.Yang of Zhengzhou University
Professor F.Zhao of Kunming University of Science and Technology
Professor C.D.Wang of Shandong University of Technology
Professor S.D.Zhang of Liaoning University
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